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Marketing & Distribution

India is a very vast and diversified market. To market your book in India you need promoters who are accustomed to diversities of the Indian market. Bookmann India has been in this unique market since last 48 years.

Direct Marketing
Our direct marketing program uses a variety of computerized mailing lists, constructed from past buyers of similar books, journal subscribers, sport science researchers, specific-interest groups, and many other sources. The marketing staff identifies the most appropriate lists and uses them to send out brochures and fliers for promoting your book. By monitoring the responses to promotional pieces sent by us using these lists, the marketing staff can explore and discover larger audiences for your book-Bookstores, Foreign Distributors, Conference Displays, and more.

Direct marketing is just one of the method for promoting your book. We use a number of other approaches, depending on the type of book and its audience: textbook, reference, or trade (general public). Generally, we work with sales representatives throughout India who regularly call on bookstores, promoting Bookmann India books. Our own sales staff calls on major bookstore chains. Bookmann India also exhibits its products at over 60 events during the year.

Dealers/Hawkers network
Bookmann India has Dealer-Distribution network throughout India and in the neighboring countries. We can reach to cities/villages/towns of India through this network.

Bookmann India uses various channels for sales.

  • We have Dealer-Distributor network throughout India since last 5 decades
  • We have our own representatives to give a boost to sales in Institutes, Libraries and colleges/universities.
  • We participate in domestic and international book fairs to show-case books
  • We also organize road shows, seminars, and lectures to educate public at large.
  • Advertisement in newspapers, magazines/journals, radio, TV to address target audiences
  • Bookmann India has huge database for customers for direct mailing and e-mailing
  • We distribute a wide range of titles, ranging from adult fiction and non-fiction books to children’s books, professional, and technical books.

Online/website marketing
Bookmann India has its own bookstore on its website, wherein we can list your book for online sale. We can also help you in promoting your books through :

  • & through many other avenues
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