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Who can get its book published In India through  Bookmann-India

If you have book in your mind we can help you in publishing it in India. If you have already authored a book then you can explore Indian market with us. Thus, we need your assistance in carefully identifying the various audiences that you think will be interested in reading your book. Bookmann is one stop shop for bringing to fruition your dream concept  of publishing of a book .

In a way Bookmann gives opportunity to author & publisher to show-case their product in vast Indian Market. We strive to help our authors to write the best books possible and to make the writing experience enjoyable and rewarding. We also strive to produce an attractive, well-designed product

How does it work in Bookmann India to get the book published?

You can set the ball rolling by submitting Preface, sample chapters and the content of the book to facilitate our editorial to analyze your book.

You can send in your complete manuscript in digital files for further evaluation by our editorial after signing of the agreement and other legal formalities. When your proposal arrives at Bookmann, it will be assigned to an acquisitions editor who specializes in the field that corresponds to your proposed project. Upon assignment, the acquisition  editor will set a couple of key steps in motion. He or she will spend some time reviewing and identifying the content

We wish you submit your manuscript to us only after you have finished working on it.  Make sure that your manuscript is compiled in a single word processor file, and that it contains all applicable texts such as acknowledgements, dedication, preface, Index, Table of contents, image captions, back cover copy. etc.

We prefer to get your manuscript in digital form, as a single Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file. If you have another type of system, you can save files in Rich Text Format (RTF). Your file can be sent as an attachment to an email, or through the mail on a CD-ROM or a floppy disk.

Email your complete manuscript file (one single file for the text) to

To whom I should submit my sample chapters and contents

Soft copy you can send us directly to us through email on . Hard copy you can give it to your local representative who will courier it to us after collecting courier charges from you.

To whom should I submit my Full Manuscript after my sample chapter and contents are approved by editorial

Soft copy you can email us on Hard copy you have to send it by DHL/Fed Ex or through other couriers and you would be bearing the expenses

If my manuscript is not approved by editorial

Bookmann India would return your un-approved manuscript within 3-4 weeks by courier to you and we would bear the expenses.

Who would keep the copy right

If Your work is fit to publish as it is in India without any changes then the copyright would be with you and publishing rights would be with us till the term of the agreement.
If the book require substantial changes i.e. to make it fit to be published in Indian market then copy right would be shared by Bookmann and author.

What would be the royalty

There would be three ways to do it :

  • We pay you on the total revenue generated i.e. if the book is priced at 500 and we manage to sell 1000 then total revenue would be 500x1000= 500000.In this case we pay 10% of the total no of copies sold
  • We can purchase the copy right on  lump sum basis after paying one time amount

What is the guarantee that my manuscript would not be misused?

Bookmann Parent company TAXMANN is a biggest publisher of Tax, law and academic book publishers in India since last 5 decades. You are dealing with a brand name that is established in the market since last so many years.

What would be the cycle for royalty payment

We shall be sending you the royalty statement upto 31st March each year for your confirmation, within 45 days of closure of March 31st. The cheque shall be sent thereafter with royalty payment.

How  would  Bookman India would sell me books

At Bookmann we would channelize your book through our dealer /distributor/hawker network. This system is in place for  last 5 decades. We would advertise and would also try to sell it online through different web site

Who will decide the size and the style of the book

Bookmann with author permission would decide the size and style of the book. We would be sending you final proofs, dummies, paper samples, book interior and exterior designs before going for final printing.


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