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Editorial Services

The publishing of a book is a matter of substantial investment of time on your part and time and money on our part. You want the book to be as widely read as possible, and so do we!

Thus, we need your assistance in carefully identifying the various audiences that you think would be interested in reading your book. Bookmann India is one-stop shop for bringing to fruition your dream concept of publishing a book

We welcome authors with concept of writing books. They can avail of our services of Editorial staff, Content Development, Design Planning of Interior/Exterior of the book, Proof Reader, Sense Reader and Indexing, selecting right quality of Indian paper and, thus, give them most economical solution of printing and binding of books with a rare flourish.

In a way Bookmann India gives an opportunity to authors & publishers to show-case their products in the vast Indian Market. We strive to help our authors to write the best books possible and to make the writing experience an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We also strive to produce an attractive, well-designed product.

Bookmann India has core competence in editing and content development for Business, Accounts, Taxes, Law, Management, Marketing and other related fields. You can visit our site to see our complete range of books.


Manuscript Submission
You can set the ball rolling by submitting sample chapters and the content of the book to facilitate our editorial team to analyze your book.

You can send in your complete manuscript in digital files for further evaluation by our editorial staff after signing of the agreement and other legal formalities with us. When your proposal is received at Bookmann India, it will be assigned to an acquisition editor who specializes in the field that corresponds to your proposed project. Upon assignment, acquisition editor will set a couple of key steps in motion. He or she will spend sometime in reviewing and identifying the content.

We wish you to submit your manuscript to us only after you have finished working on it. Make sure that your manuscript is compiled in a single word processor file, and that it contains all applicable texts such as acknowledgements, dedication, preface, table of contents, image captions, back cover copy, etc.

We prefer to get your manuscript in a digital form, as a single Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file. If you have another type of system, you can save files in Rich Text Format (RTF). Your file can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail, or through the mail on a CD-ROM or a floppy disk.

E-mail your complete manuscript file (one single file for the text) to

Analyzing of the manuscript
As soon as we receive your manuscript we would send it to our team of editors who would evaluate the manuscript and would give you following feed back :

  • Do you need simple editing in the manuscript
  • Do you need substantial editing in the manuscript
  • Do you need to make the manuscript India-specific
  • Do you require proof reading
  • Are you publishing this book in India

We would give you reply within 2 weeks. In case your manuscript is not approved of by our editors we would return the manuscript within 3 weeks.

Editing Processes

Simple Editing Process
The purpose of this level of editing is to prepare an already well structured manuscript for publication. A mechanical edit may address to any of the following as per need:

Correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, etc., identify some basic language usage, suggest changes in word choice, Indentation.

Substantial Editing Process
This level of editing is recommended primarily for manuscripts needing attention for organization, presentation, and sentence structure to clarify meaning and to smoothen the flow of the text by following means :

  • Suggestions for adjusting the format used to present the material
  • Suggestions to add or delete sections of the manuscript
  • Identify information that may need citations and/or permissions
  • Check formatting of references cited & possible negative or offensive tone in text
  • Identify inconsistencies or contradictions within the text
  • Suggest more extensive rewording and restructuring of sentences

Making your manuscript India-specific
Bookmann India has the necessary resources to make your book published/unpublished work to be India-specific, with your prior permission so as to facilitate its greater absorption in the Indian market.

In such cases the copyright of the book would be shared with the publisher. You would continue to get royalty as agreed upon.

Proof reading
This sort of work, performed by our experienced in-house team of proofers, involves painstaking reading the proofs of the manuscript. The page proofs of your manuscript are proof read by several people, several times as it passes through the production process; our in-house proof readers go through proof as experts.

Once your manuscript has been turned into a fully paginated proof, a proof reader will perform following procedures :
  • Correct spelling errors
  • Check hyphenation at ends of lines
  • Confirm that typeface and font are displayed correctly, including following elements:
  • Review page numbers, running headers, and running footers for consistency.
  • Verify that illustrations and tables are placed correctly in the text.
  • Check each page-spread for length, vertical spacing, widows (a short line at the top of a page), and orphans (a very short word or part of a word at the end of a paragraph).
  • Check TOC (table of contents) for accuracy by cross-referencing it with the Chapter titles, sub-heads, and any other heads in the book

Indexing and content development
A professional indexer will create a book index for your book along with contents which are very important parts of the book.

Colorbook Basic Editing
An editor not specialized in children’s books will edit book for grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, and style, but is not as likely to be able to offer many recommendations regarding words and sentence structure relevant to children of various age groups.

Color book Professional Editing
Your text will be edited for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and style, as well as to ensure that the text of each page clearly conveys one concept that can be associated with an appropriate illustration.


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